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Strata Painting Sydney

AAM provides Strata painting services. Whether you need strata house painting, strata apartment painting or strata unit painting, look no further. Our team have worked on a number of strata related projects and are ready and willing to complete the job to your satisfaction.

At AAM we ensure that all our painting services are completed on time. With all our larger projects, our strata painting team run on a schedule to ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion. You can rest assured that we have adequate manpower on site to be able to finish the project as requested. We are able to provide you with regular progress updates so that you know exactly how close we are to completion.

We provide the following strata related painting services:

  • Interior and Exterior painting
  • Walls, Ceilings, door and window painting
  • Foyer painting
  • Common area painting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Stairwell painting and more.

All our strata painting work comes with a warranty. In the unlikely event that there is any work that you would like a re-touch on- we will repair and rectify the work at no cost to you.

Contact us to discuss your project today or to organise a free quote.

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